Business Investor and Real Estate Professional 

Lanette in many ways has reinvented herself over the years as well. She began working at the age of 13 and eventually became a specialized radiology technologist in the fields of MRI and CT. She worked at the famed MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

She has three beautiful daughters and as all of you moms know this is a more than a full-time vocation with plenty of stress, worries, and work!

Once the girls were nearly all out of the house, Lanette with her second daughter Amanda, embarked on a new career in real estate. Amanda got her real estate license and together they flipped over 20 homes and bought another 20 residential properties for rental holdings, eventually renovating and selling them as well. They did this over 6-years and in six different states and were wildly successful at their endeavors.

Lanette then transferred her acumen in real estate transactions to business utilizing all of the marketing, sales and negotiating techniques, scaling the growth of multiple companies.

She did all of this better than many with post-graduate business degrees. Like everyone in her company she has practical real-world experience of failures and successes to pass on to others.