It takes a lot of talent to keep it simple!

Have you ever thought about that? I once knew a PhD minister who taught advanced Greek and Theology but who could deliver a sermon to a 5-year old and she would easily understand it.

That is NOT easy to do.

Try explaining your area of expertise to a 5-year old and see how you do.

So, although there are many more complex ways to look at public speaking, and I think you should look at them, particularly if you are in sales, there is a simple approach that is easy to remember.

John Maxwell uses the 4 H’s and the 3 S’s:

  1. Heart: captivate people with emotions and the best way to do that is with personal stories or if you don’t have one, someone else’s story.
  2. Humor: inject humor when you can, particularly if there are serious moments or otherwise dry material.
  3. Hope: inspire people to change, act or do something beyond what they would imagine.
  4. Help: they should leave with something that will help them in some tangible way. Not a product you’re selling but something that will change behavior or drive actions.
  5. Simple: keep it simple…words and concepts. Don’t sound fancy just because you can. Talk to people, not above them.
  6. Slowly: this one you have to be careful. Change in tonality, body language and voice volume and speed must all be used to effectively speak. Remember ‘sameness’ is the death of the speaker Smile: lighten up.
  7. Smile: Be engaging. We can add a few others…say things clearly, get to the point, repeat a critical concept if you must, but don’t meander and come back to the same point over and over again. People should be able to clearly summarize what you have just said.

Speaking is critical in all areas of life, but especially business. Start here and advance your way up.

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